Sunday, April 17, 2016

The halls are alive with music....

 Well, sure, actually the Music Farm does not have "hall" in its name.

One street over, though, is the Charleston Music Hall, one of the three venues I went to on Friday evening.

This shot at the Farm is one of the encore numbers by Cracker.

Got there kind of late as I stayed at the Music Hall to the very end of the North Mississippi Allstars show.

This dynamic duo did the work of a band with half a dozen members!

Luther Dickinson (on the left) played guitar, vocals, and even an oil can lowebow.

His brother, Cody, did a great job on the drums.

And,  Cody ALSO played the bass guitar (while seated), keyboard, and the electric washboard.

Yikes. I looked it up and it appears their regular bass player couldn't make it, so the brothers improvised!

Their opener, Eric McFadden,  sang a series of  really "sad" songs. Grim even.

The first was about digging two graves for the two people he was going to murder.

One deep grave would have been easier.

Things cheered up a bit but death, pain, and mayhem recurred in several more songs.

Completed the third show of the night (well, early Saturday) at the new downtown Home Team BBQ.

Brandon Santini, a favorite Blues harmonica artist from Memphis, was back in town.

It was on my way home, so I had to stop in. It was his next to last set.

Had to laugh the night before at the Music Hall, when Greg Allman played.

One of his very happy big fans was  up and down during the entire show

Waving his arms and showing his enthusiastic joy.

I had noticed before that these active music lovers usually were in the front row.

Of course, I would not be aware of these antics going on behind me!

Allman was pretty much hidden by his signature organ but stood and played guitar on a few songs.

I wandered up to the balcony for an unobstructed view of Greg at the keyboard.

(Click on the photos and links for more detail and information.)

Three-in-one-night was a challenge but I always have my professional ear plugs.

The pace will grow as we enter Spoleto time!

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