Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One Bourbon, one Scotch, one beer...

George Thorogood and the Destroyers came to the Charleston Music Hall Monday night.

He blew the place away!

The crowd stood most of the show and sang the lyrics along with a smiling, grimacing, gyrating, grinning George.

He knew just when to stop singing and let the fans finish the rest of the song.

We all knew the story of "One 
bourbon, one Scotch, one beer" and we belted out the chorus.

I remembered the song featured his landlady who wanted "the back rent." He laughed and sang, "she'd be lucky to see the FRONT rent."

I fit right in with the older crowd and did my version of dancin' with his music.

He had finished singing about "the old clock on the wall," but the fancy lighting that travels with him on tour spelled out "B-B-B-Bad to the Bone" just as he hit the first chords.

This was another chance for the joyful audience to chime in and
raise our voices.

I mentioned the extravagant lights and lasers.

The Music Hall has great acoustics and lighting but a professional tour leaves nothing to chance.

Six metal columns of lights replaced the familiar star-studded back curtain and a second complete sound board was set up close to the usual one.

It was a colorful show and George came to the edge of the stage often, making eye contact with his loyal fans.

There was a lot of Mick Jagger swagger and hip motions throughout the show.

Glad I had seen the Rolling Stones a few months ago and could catch that.

One thing I did not catch right away was, before his encore, George had switched black t-shirts and now was wearing  a Music Hall one.

That was a good marketing move by the staff to offer him a nice clean shirt before he returned to the stage.

George said it was his first time in Charleston and he appreciated what a great venue we had and hoped it was the beginning of many trips here.

He thanked us several times for coming to his show.

Heck, I was having a great time and wanted to say "Thanks" to him!

A nice touch was at the end, he came up to the edge of the stage, took the hands of several ladies and thanked them for coming and said he hoped they had had a good time.

I think it's safe to say they certainly did enjoy themselves and have a good time.

I've seen Delbert McClinton do this extra step of thanking his fans at the end of a performance.

As we all started shuffling toward the exits, I glanced up and saw his sax player drape a warm robe over George's shoulders, as he followed him backstage.

A James Brown moment.

(Click on the photos and the links for more details.)

It was a busy Monday night. I now was on my way to the Pour House to see Rev. Peyton and the Big Famn Damily Band.

I really support live music. Hope you do too.

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