Monday, March 07, 2016

Longest bar in town??

I get around town a lot and thought that The Roost in West Ashley had the longest bar.

That is, until Saturday March 5, when I went to see "Big Bill" Morganfield inaugurate the brand new Downtown Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ.

It's just off North Morrison Drive at 126 Williman Street. Actually, right behind Edmund's Oast. Look for the bright blue sign.

Sat on a stool at the new 56 foot-long bar, staffed by friendly, fast-working bartenders.

And the music started right at 10:00 pm featuring Morganfield, the son of Muddy Waters, continuing a long Blues tradition.

Was glad to see the construction was completed and the opening happened just before Spring arrived.

Was afraid that lots of valuable planning details had been lost in a missing Notebook.

Don't know if the $1,000 reward for its return was paid by an appreciative Aaron "Fiery Ron" Siegel.

He took the mic and welcomed the crowd to the "soft opening" of his third local operation.

I've enjoyed many hours of music, beer and BBQ in West Ashley and on Sullivan's Island at what used to be  Bert's,  a decades-long dive bar at Station 22.

At exactly 10 pm, the band started playing and we settled in for an evening of Blues.

I was told the harpist was the only member of Morganfield's band to come with him from Atlanta.

The place was packed, as people who had bought $60 tickets to attend the 6 pm to 9 pm Slow Meat Pitmaster Roast competition, moved inside to hear the music.

There was a barbecue team from Atlanta, two from Nashville and one from New York.

This competition was held last year and was a charity fund raiser event to open the new store.

I understand this one was NOT converted from a previous business but was built new from the ground up. I suspect the plans that had been done for Sullivan's Island were consulted because I noticed there are many similarities in the basic layout.

But with - I believe - a much longer 40-stool bar on the left side of the main room.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.) Thanks for hanging out with me. Keep supporting live music!

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