Saturday, February 27, 2016

Vote early...beat the crowd.

I think voting on a weekend is better than on a Tuesday.

Of course, I'm retired, so either day of the week will work for me.

This was the 2016 S.C. Primary voting day for Democrats, so I wanted to get to the polls early.

Didn't want to wait in a long line to cast my ballot.

Well, no long line.

No crowded parking lot at the middle school in Hanahan.

It was about 11 am on a Saturday so I must have missed the early morning crowd.


I was able to walk right in and see the three voting booths in the entryway. That's odd, there usually are many more booths and they are set up in the gym.

And there were only three poll volunteers.

One lady was wearing a t-shirt that made me smile.

Facebook had just added five new emoji faces to give more options than just the LIKE button.

This would have been a cute one to signify "Be quiet!"

As they checked my ID and signed me in, she mentioned she had bought it in Honduras while on a recent cruise.

I was the only voter standing there at the time, so we had a chance to chat. I learned there had NOT been a heavy, earlier turnout this morning.

She had worked the previous weekend and said the crowds were large and steady for that GOP primary selection day.

So, I had voted and saw a new version of the Smiley face.

I stuck on my sticker and went home for another coffee.

Maybe make me some ham biscuits. No, no, too soon after dieting for two weeks. Be strong!

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Be sure to watch the election returns tonight.

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