Tuesday, April 05, 2016

YES. I would be ready for a DO OVER...

 Last October, I was picked out of a crowd of Extras to be in a short movie scene.

It was being shot in Savannah and titled The Do Over. I was to be "a hospital visitor."

Just me and my "wife" Sheila Cochran, a fellow extra, who has had success as an actress.

She emailed me to say our scene is in the movie!

Hey, not only did we not get cut out during the edit, the scene is also part of the national trailer just released for the second of four films being made for Netflix.

Sheila was known to be a good on-cue "screamer" and I was told to be startled and comfort her as we hurry off screen.

I have been an extra in several tv shows filming here in Charleston (and IDENTITY, a CBS pilot that was not picked up.) This time, instead of being in a crowd as part of onscreen  atmosphere, it was just the two of us, walking directly toward the camera. Wow!

I'm a bit old to be "an overnight success" but I'm taking a look at what pictures I should submit for future castings.

Here I am dressed as Lord Ashley Cooper to help the Post and Courier celebrate its 200th anniversary.

(Could be part of a portfolio, though.)

Well, it would have to be a rather limited period piece, ideally in the 1600 0r 1700s.

I had borrowed the outfit from a local theater group but the paper paid for the wig.

 If I wanted to be considered for a scene in an "adult film," this picture would show that I am versitile.

The Extra Casting Director could immediately see which role I was better suited for and select accordingly.

The right collection of images would give me an advantage over others who were not as diverse.

Of course, I have a few that present me in a more unusual way.

This one gets a little tricky but it possibly could portray me as a two-faced character.

Uh oh, it also would be misleading because I no longer wear glasses.

Or, in this image, only one glass.

And it's not even a monocle.

The moody head shot, with strong contrast side-lighting, also would not work.

Since I had the successful  cataract surgery on both eyes, if glasses were called for, I suppose I could slip on a pair of inexpensive, pensive Costco reading glasses.

So, there are a few choices. I'm ready for my close-up.

Please take a moment to mark your calendar for May 27 and use Netflix to stream "my" movie THE DO OVER. Adam Sandler is in it too. And David Spade. And Paula Patton.

(Click on the images and links for more details.)

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