Sunday, May 22, 2016

These little cars "bug" me....

My tiny collection of small model VWs started with the real deal. 

We actually pushed it off the showroom floor and it had only 8 miles on the odometer. This was my very first new car!

The salesman coached me as we drove around the block a few times to acquaint me with its manual stick shifting and, then, I drove it home to Burbank and parked it proudly in my driveway.
Did I mention it was a bright orange color and I had bought it on Halloween?

My clever daughter Amy suggested I leave a light burning inside the Beetle that night as the trick-or-treaters passed by...snickering.

The 1973-1975 Super VWs introduced the distinctive curved windshield. Regular Volkswagons continued to be manufactured during this time.

It was a fun car that I drove for well over 100,000 miles and eventually gave to my son.

Years later, I saw a most unusual small model of a VW that, apparently had been made into a martini glass. 

It did not have the Super Bug curved windshield but it whetted my appetite to find others.

Today there are 32 VWs displayed on a large table in my media room.

I would stop in shops as I traveled to seek out ones I didn't already have. Pure luck, I never bought a duplicate. 

I also never found one to match the color of my first real VW. 

Oh, wait a minute, as I was dusting these just now, I saw the elusive color on the "Space Flight" tiny version right in front!

Orange you glad I dust ever so often?

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

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