Monday, October 07, 2013

Out For A Walk ...around the world.

The 6th annual Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk was Saturday, October 5.

Here and in about 1,238 other places around the world.

More than 28,000 photographers and wannabes toted their cameras and tried to capture a moment.

Anyone driving over the Shem Creek Bridge around 5pm must have wondered what was going on.

(I never realized how narrow the sidewalk is on the bridge.)

We had been warned by Walk Leader Kevin Harp to not step back to get a better angle while on the bridge. Yikes.

The beauty of these walks is to slow down and enjoy the view.

Kevin led us along an area I had never walked before.

The mural on the side of the Vet Pet held our attention for a while.

Looks like everything was included: cats and dogs of course, but also snakes and turtles and birds...oh my.

We walked past the Montessori School of Mt. Pleasant and snapped pictures of the various swings and slides arrayed in a yard by the side.

 Lucky kids.

I knew Mt. Pleasant was, well, pleasant.

This day I was walking along, late in the day, and the sun angled in through masses of moss.

Side-lighting or, back-lighting, often makes for satisfying photographs. Today was no exception.

As we ambled we came to Pitt Street and it was fun watching strangers with cameras enter the Pharmacy.

As they looked around this family-owned treasure from the past, I asked the young "soda jerk" to make me a cone of strawberry ice cream.

My day had started early at Waterfront Park.

I was leading a Downtown Tour that was to start at 9:00am and end around 11:30 at Tommy Condon Irish Pub near the Market.

I was there early enough that the last of a morning fog was burning off and I hustled to get a few shots before the scene cleared.

These would NOT be allowed in the international competition because they were taken before the official start time of my walk.

But it was a scene I wanted to capture for my own satisfaction.

Watching an early morning fog clearing on the waterfront of the Charleston harbor was part of being born and raised here.

This was hardly my first visit to the Pineapple Fountain*.

But, as I waited for participants to arrive to start the walk, I wandered around and saw several different views.

These angles had always been there of course, but now I had a zoom on my camera and was able to "pull in" the other one.

They aren't quite this close together but it is another view I like.

We had 43 photographers - members and non-members - sign up for the Downtown 6th annual Kelby Walk.

Another 20 turned out in the afternoon for the Shem Creek one.

Saw many new faces during the walks and invited each one to join our local Photography Group.

These annual events are cool but we try to do multiple walks and outings on a regular basis.

We have so many enticing views!

In June, members put together 5 separate trips, ranging down to Beaufort and Port Royal and including Summerville and downtown's 2nd Sunday.

But the Historic District continues to be the main draw.

I was able to introduce many of the Walkers to their first view of Washington Park.

It's that shady green park next to City Hall at the Four Corners of Law, Broad and Meeting Streets.

I had not noticed the small bronze statue of the dancing children tucked away in a corner.

I looked it up and the official name is "Do-Si-Do,"1981, by Willard Hirsch a noted Charleston sculptor.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

I learn new things on every photo walking tour.

*The pineapple is a symbol of tourism and hospitality.

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At Thu Oct 10, 08:20:00 PM , Blogger Paul said...

Usually I'm on top of that, but this year, I completely missed it. Damn! Oh well. I guess that I'll have to walk by myself. What are you doing this weekend? LOL

At Sun Oct 20, 08:58:00 AM , Blogger chuckography said...

I was on DAY 1 of my trip to San Diego and got back on the 19th. Uploaded hundreds of pictures and just starting to work on them. Yikes.


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