Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I Saw A Ghost While On A Ghost Tour....

Well, DUH, it WAS a Ghost Tour at the old city jail.

Not that I expected to really see any "haints."

A fellow photographer and I went downtown Saturday for the 9pm tour.

 Karen Lane Marr was our guide for the 45-minute jailhouse rock.

Karen mentioned she was on Facebook and has posted some eerie shots she had taken inside.

When I saw what my camera had captured standing behind her, I posted it to her Facebook page. I think this justifies a Yikes.

No denying it, the Jail is a scary place at night. Well, creepy
at least.

You park in the back, inside the wall around the place, and walk through what we later learned is a small cemetery.

The small group gathered for the next tour all admitted they were here "to see ghosts or something unusual."

Interest was shown in the equipment my buddy carried. He didn't have a camera like I did. He had much, much more.

He had a Night Vision Video recorder. With a powerful infrared light.

And, he had an EMF meter.
If something went bump in the dark, he'd see it or detect movement.

I just hoped he would warn me to look out.

During the tour, up and down stairs, we shuffled along while he watched a bright black & white video screen that pierced the darkness.

In a dimly-lighted red-tinted room - a place where prisoners had been flogged - suddenly the Electro Magnetic Field detector "jumped" out of his shirt pocket and clattered across the wooden floor.

He was as startled as the rest of us.

Our guide, Ms. Marr, smirked and said she has seen pens pulled from pockets and even a wrist watch snatched off a visitor's wrist in this particular room.

Angry spirits messing with us?

The whole setting is eerie and a sudden breeze was whipping limbs outside on this moonless night.

As we moved along, I held a small flashlight, flicking it on every now and then.

I aimed at the floor so people close to me would not trip or bump into anything. Or against me.

I wanted no more surprises. Being jostled in the dark would not be good.
Toward the end of the tour, we passed through a large steel-barred door and stopped.

We huddled together in the space between the jail's former kitchen and its former mortuary.

My buddy with the EMF and camcorder wandered into the open door on the left.

It was NOT the kitchen he said, there were disturbances in the ether and he felt a definite cold chill.

We stepped out into the cemetery area behind the jail.


A collective sigh was felt rather than heard.

Suddenly, footsteps creaked on the wooden balcony above us, and all eyes darted up there.

A staff member had stepped out onto the landing above us.

She apologized for startling us and said she was looking for two people who seemed to be missing from the previous tour.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

My buddy learned it was possible to go on a Paranormal Tour from Midnight to 2:00am.

He's charging up the batteries on his special equipment.

"Who you gonna call?"

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At Fri Oct 04, 11:09:00 AM , Blogger Paul said...

Combat Chuck, you do hang out in some interesting places. :)

At Fri Oct 04, 11:30:00 AM , Blogger chuckography said...

You may be surprised to learn, they do not serve beer there!

Well, surprised I would go where no beer is on tap.

At Wed Oct 09, 01:35:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like the photo of the front of the old jail. It looks like an interesting tour. BTW, I would never recommend any alcohol served inside. Having encountered a fair bit of brew in my time, that stuff is nasty! (Cathy)


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