Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Going to the John.....

"Sir Elton, how are you sir?"

Er, I mean Sir John?

May I just call you Reginald?
You may call me Chuck.

I'll be the guy in the 14th row. With the white hair.

You started making your 250 million records back in 1967.

Yet, YOUR hair is not white.

I had several of your albums when I graduated college and enjoy your music still.

That's why I'm glad you came back to Charleston.

Enjoyed your performance here 4 years ago and look forward to a marvelous night tomorrow.

Another piano player I like - Ben Folds - appeared at the Performing Arts Center a few years ago.

Guess you don't play in smaller venues like that.

He seemed to have a good time.

Is it possible you "touch up" your hair?

I tell people I dyed mine this color.

(Click on the photo of Ben Folds for details.)

The Elton John photo is from the internet and it is as big as it'll get. I hope to have some of my own VERY soon.

Looking forward to a cold beer and some cool iconic music.

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