Sunday, February 19, 2012

GRINDZ to a halt...

One of my favorite burger places closed its doors last night.

Grindz called this beauty the Bacon and Cheese burger.

Oh yeah!

They opened in September 2009 in a strip mall on Sam Rittenberg.

I'm sure they offered other burgers - and maybe even other meals - but this was where I went when I wanted that special burger.

At first they had really piled on the bacon but later toned it down. A bit.

Probably now only 5 pieces.

With the added lettuce and sliced tomato it became a 4-tier sandwich for my 2-tier mouth.

The other thing they did was encourage customers to leave a message on a dollar bill.

Lots of customers did just that.

For more than 2 years.

Black felt tip markers predominate but the color red is seen also.

On my way to another evening of Blues, I remembered I had a BOGO coupon (Buy One Get One free) and that special burger came to mind.

When I walked in from the rain I saw a pretty large crowd gathered mainly around the bar.

When she delivered the burger, the bartender mentioned it was their last night.

I told her I had been at Dengate's on its last day before moving downtown.

She didn't recognize the name so I said "today it's called Moe's Crosstown on Rutledge Avenue."

Anyway, I continued, the owner told one of his 20-year regulars "Pick out any souvenir you want. You've come in here almost every day for decades."

The old timer looked around, past his favorite bar stool, and said "How 'bout the television set?"

She laughed but did not offer any keepsakes for me to take away.

I looked around and saw MANY signed objects that would have been perfect.

A stack of those would make an interesting trip to the bank.

(Click on the pictures to see more details. Read some of the bank "notes.")

I did a quick rough count and estimate there was about $600 taped all around the bar.

One was splashed a bright red color and I wondered if perhaps it had been discolored in a bank dye pack.

A bank would notice that.

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At Mon Feb 20, 05:12:00 PM , Blogger Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

I never went to Grindz but I sure did like that spot when it was Amuse. I miss that restaurant.

At Thu Feb 23, 07:06:00 PM , Blogger Kevin said...

So sad. Grindz started off great. Too bad they couldn't keep it going.


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