Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chapel of Chicago Blues.....

Well, it once was a church.

The Seaman's Chapel located in a maritime community.

This was a place where people came to pray.

And they came to celebrate happy events.

Now it's known as Mad River and we gather to clap hands, sing along and have a rockin' good time.

Chicago Land style.

John Primer came down from Chi Town with his bag of blues.

He stirred up the place with his 2-5 "early show."

Early SEWE visitors stopped in.

A lot of people planned for a late lunch.

Or, they left the office early.

Yes, there were some suits and ties in the crowd.

Shrimp City Slim and his band backed the legendary Bluesman.

Gary Erwin on keys, Chuck "The Cat" Morris harmonica and John "Clam Chop"Etheridge on drums.

"Silent" Eddie sang a few songs as well as serving hot licks on his guitar.

Tonight it's West Ashley Home Team BBQ for some Mississippi Blues.

Jerekus Singleton,up from Jackson, is bringing his Delta sounds to Charleston.

The 22nd annual Lowcountry Blues Bash wraps up Tuesday so make sure you get some before they're all gone..

(Click on the pictures for more details.)

Went to the Pour House last night for the Lee Barbour CD Release party.

Lee took the stage a little after midnight so it became a late, late night jazz musical event.

Yes, I had my camera with me. More later.

I'm still sleepy.

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