Sunday, January 22, 2012

Up On The Roof.....

The concept was simple: get up high and look around.

Bring your camera and join up with some fellow photographers.

Shoot pictures from the top of a downtown parking garage.

There are several so we announced we would start down by the harbor on the Cumberland at Concord parkade.


We learned there are TWO garages by Waterfront Park.

After a while, all the Photo Group members found each other.

Rain was predicted but the dramatic clouds enhanced the photo walk.

Eventually 23 camera-toters were part of the evening program.

This outing will no doubt be repeated because not all the "high spots" were sampled this time.

Once you get up high and enjoy the change of angle, you look toward other rooftops to explore.

We could see the gas space heaters blazing away at GRILL 225 Rooftop Bar, so some roamed over there.

Three of us - with cameras and tripods - tried to blend in as we casually sauntered through the lobby and rode up in the elevator. We peeled off our blue name badges.

What a GREAT place to view down the entire length of the renovated Market.

The fiery flaming gas heaters were complemented by tall plexiglass panels
that made it comfortable for outdoor dining.

The food aromas were very enticing as we pressed close to the panels to avoid reflections.

We were far down at the end, away from the diners, and I doubt if we were even noticed.

I glanced down and saw the former Seaman's Chapel that now is Mad River.

We agreed it was time to take a break and have some food.

Through the use of cell phones, word was spread.

We pulled several tables together as other photographers joined us.

I left after a cold beer and a super Reuben sandwich with fries. A darned good guitarist was playing.

I learned we had missed a quick rain that had passed through while we were munching and sharing digital photos.
The group continued on to another parkade and have posted some beautiful pictures.

(Click on the photos to see more details.)

Eugene, co-coordinator of the Photo Group, said the idea of shooting from the parkades "just popped into my head."

I told him that the year I lived in Minnesota, I had heard the Twin Cities call their parking structures "Ramps."

Next time you're parking downtown, take your camera and head up to the top and look around.

It's quite a view.

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At Tue Jan 31, 05:38:00 AM , Blogger Paul said...

Chuck, it looks like you folks had a great time. Looks like I'll need to get back to Charleston one weekend to catch up with you, hang out, and take some pictures!


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