Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Light Up The Sky.

Be sure to click on the link to enjoy the London New Year's Eve fireworks show. WOW!

It's like having a spectacular finale all the way through the booming, flashing and intricate 11-minute aerial celebration.

Last time I saw something that memorable was an indoor display at the Paul McCartney concert up in Charlotte. Indoors!

The Chinese really started something with that gunpowder thing didn't they?

I stood for several minutes on my front porch Saturday at midnight, watching MUCH smaller explosive displays in my portion of the sky.

I know that fireworks are banned in my little town of Hanahan yet, scant yards away, over the boundary into North Charleston, sale and use of such dangerous - but beautiful sights - are legal.

My older daughter is a police officer in northern California and says her real worry is people firing guns into the air.

A falling bullet coming back down is moving as fast as when it was fired.

One particular nearby celebrant had apparently paid big bucks for big booms. He/she set off a steady barrage of chest-thumping aerial bursts.

One after another, a long, long light show tore into the sky, sending colorful fragments screaming through the night.

As we remarked on the fiery display, a Hanahan police car - with its lights turned off - quietly coasted by and made the turn at the corner, heading up to the source of the rockets.

The loud and bright shots continued to soar skyward so I assume the yard of the launching pad was across the city limits line and my local lawmen had to sit and watch the show.

(Click on the photo - twice - for more details.)

Indoor pyrotechnics are startling. In the 5th row, I heard the booms, saw the flash and felt the heat. Yikes.

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