Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Better Than Sliced Bread....

Easier to use than a toasted cheese sandwich if you're changing channels on your new tv.

Or want to listen to music through your new receiver.

Or stream movies from Netflix with the Roku. Or turn on your Blu-Ray DVD player.

Volume control at your fingertips.

You also get to stash 6-7 other remotes in a drawer. Not needed anymore.

The Harmony by Logitech controls EVERYTHING in your media entertainment setup.
You merely decide what piece of equipment you want to use and download online information about it.

A logical sequence is tried out: 1. turn on the television, 2. turn on the digital cable box, 3. turn on the AV receiver.

Press one button and all those steps will be taken when you want to watch tv!

Music? Decide if the sound is coming from a CD or through the television and do the settings in proper sequence.

Press one button for music. One for a movie.

There's even an additional button for "Every thing else."

My only problem now is trying find a updated VCR player. I have 2300 movies on tape. The alphabetical list of titles fills 50 pages.

At least my 1300 CDs will still play by pressing a button.

Yes, I am looking into converting the CDs to Mp3s.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

My stack of old equipment is impressive.

But, unfortunately, it's all "old school" and really has no value today. How many VCRs do you have sitting around your house?

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