Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"Gonna Be ON Tv Soon...."

Stepping up to a larger flat screen television set MIGHT cause a problem.

For my cat.

And, for me.

She has never paid attention before but the bigger, brighter image seems to catch her attention.

She favors the Detroit LIONS, the Jacksonville JAGUARS, the Cinncinati BENGALS and the Carolina PANTHERS.

At first she walked carefully over and around the various tv remote controls.

Some were quite old and some were brand new.

There's even one now for a ROKU unit so I can stream Netflix.

I'm waiting until I install my Blu-Ray DVD player before I consolidate ALL into my universal remote.

I took the batteries out of the ones I'm not using now.

The cat has moved closer but - so far - has not pawed the screen.

Apparently, football is the mainstay of her tv watching.

She does not seem to be interested in Comedy Central.

Not even Jon Stewart on The Daily Show or Stephen on the Colbert Report.

I knew my kitty was curious.

I just assumed she had a sense of humor.

(Click on the pictures for more details.)

Streaming movies is a great way to see big, vivid films. The cat's not much of a cinema buff but let's see what happens when we check out Animal Planet.

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At Tue Dec 06, 09:48:00 PM , Blogger Sherry said...

I thought your cat was extremely brilliant -- until I read her choice of football teams. :)

At Wed Dec 21, 09:54:00 AM , Blogger Kevin said...

You need to put the 'fish tank' channel on for the cat.


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