Saturday, January 21, 2012

Order a Moosehead?

Does anyone remember the reference to the Bull Moose Party?

Don't know why I happened to think of that as I sipped a beer last night in the "neck" area of peninsula Charleston.

I was in the Tattooed Moose, a place that's becoming a Must Stop bar on my way home from downtown.I ordered a 400 Pound Monkey, brewed by Left Hand.

They have a loyalty program that sounds interesting: win prizes by drinking 100 beers there.

A fellow next to me was jotting something on an official looking card.

"Only 67 more to go," he answered when I asked if this was the 100 Club or whatever it's called.

I commented a person could take a few days off from work and run through a hundred and be awarded a brass plaque on the wall.

Right now there were only five top prizes.

As I looked around I noticed the well-worn wooden beer cooler.

Man, if that thing could talk!

Several people walked into the picture while I was taking a 15-second exposure.

None would register though unless they stopped and stood still for a few seconds.

It was a busy, crowded Friday evening so no staffer was standing still that long.

I had skipped the recent celebration when Guy Fieri of the Food network showed a 8-minute segment of the Moose on his DDD (Diners, Drive-ins & Dives) tv show.

Of course, I tuned in at home and raised a beer toast.

Jen and Mike Kulicks, the owners, said it was a gala evening.

They have a souvenir of Guy's visit spray-painted above the wooden beer cooler.

(Click twice on the pictures to see more detail.)

To take a 15-second photo, the camera MUST be sitting on a flat surface and kept still. You can NOT hand hold it.

If I had joined the Beer Club, I would have only 99 to go.

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