Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ouch! Too much enjoyment!

Oh, my aching back.

Four days of sitting and standing, listening to great music at the Lowcountry Blues Bash, has affected me.

A sore back that eases after I walk around a bit.

Too long in one position ... a bar stool, a bleacher bench or a folding metal chair.

B.J. Emory, master of the trombone, was an exciting part of the Chi Town Blues Revue Sunday at the Isle of Palms Rec Center.

Three acts there on Saturday and three more on Sunday.

Caught shows at BOTH Home Team BBQ locations.

This is Mike Milligan and the Steam Shovel Band in West Ashley.

That's quite a drive after spending all day on the Isle of Palms.

Even though we were having a brief chilly spell, all of the performers pointed out how bad their weather was back in Chicago, Detroit and Indianapolis.

Yeah, we have it good here in the Lowcountry.

At the IOP Rec, saw a familiar face - er, tall person - dressed in black.

Wearing a top hat.

He was buying a CD from the Mandolin Madman, Rich DelGrosso from Houston.

Believe they were selling for 2 or 3 "Lincolns."

Rich is quite an expert on the mandolin - something you expect to see in a Bluegrass band - and his two instruments date back to the 1920s.

His partner from Texas, Jonn Del Toro Richardson, accompanies on guitar.

They too commented on the weather back home.

The back is feeling better so I'll be heading downtown to Mad River for the early show (7-9) by Eddie Shaw & the Wolf Gang.

That's a great-sounding venue for the Blues. All that wood and a high ceiling in the former chapel makes the music mellow.

I may stand awhile.

(Click - twice - on the pictures to see more detail).

When your back hurts, you hate to flinch... but you do.

It really does feel better . I just sat too long.

Remember: sit in moderation.

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