Thursday, February 02, 2012

Looking Back......

The next posting will be my 500th.

Giving a lot of thought to that blogging milestone.

While this one touches on long ago memories, I believe the next should be looking forward.

Tougher to come up with pictures of that.

Here's the Boyd Boys, the terrors of Ansonborough. Well, at least on our corner of Society Street.

My older brother Jerry at this time was still my taller brother.

My younger brother Dennis has just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary.

He asked me to be his Best Man at their renewal of vows ceremony.

My Mom flew out from Charleston for my graduation from the University of San Diego in 1968.

She and my wife Judy grinned along with the new grad.

I had worked for 7 years with the San Diego Union-Tribune newspapers.

Next I would join CBS Television News and cover the Charles Manson trial for four months.

Moving to Los Angeles found me leaving news and getting into tour and travel.

Universal Studios Tours was followed by 7 years with the Southern California Visitors Council to promote year 'round travel to the state.

I moved to the midwest and, after several years of promoting Kansas City, I was selected to head the Missouri Division of Tourism.

It was neat wearing a suit with a vest all the time.

My kids described a vest as "my extra pockets."

I eventually "got called up to the tourism majors" and moved to Tallahassee.

Being with the Florida Tourism Division was the culmination of my travel industry experience.

I came back to my hometown, look after my 95-year old mother and retired from The Post and Courier newspaper.

My youngest child just had her first baby so I think that's the "future" look I'll concentrate in my next blog posting.

I DO have a lot of pictures of little 4-month old Aiden.

(Click on the pictures to see more detail.)

Some are small, older files so they may not enlarge.

Next month also marks my 6th year of being a blogger. The number of hits has slowly risen and January showed 3,000+ pageloads.

That's the highest monthly total so far.

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At Thu Feb 02, 02:10:00 PM , Blogger Rick said...

I enjoy a good memory fest.


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