Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food, Blues, and Jazz, Y'all

I try NOT to use a flash when taking pictures of bands.

This was a slow shutter speed that caught another person's flash going off from my left.

I feel a flash disturbs a moment so I attempt to rely just on the stage lighting.

Came out quite nice though. Thank you other person with a camera.

Local player Cotton Blue's Harmonica man "Gator Rob," was sitting in with the Daddy Mack Blues Band from Memphis.

This was Monday evening at Mad River - my last night of the Blues Bash - but there were other final shows on Tuesday.

Don't recall all of the statistics, but this was the next-to-last-day of the 22nd annual 2-week event that featured more than 100 shows with 59 acts.

These were presented in 25 different venues. Yikes.

The SEWE people sure picked an entertaining time to be in Charleston.

There's good food and drinks at Mad River but I stopped by an old downtown favorite for dinner before the show.

Hyman's Seafood is the hands-down winner for delicious Crab Cakes.

Spent a few moments with owner Eli Hyman who said he's really into social media as the newest way to invite diners and make sure they're pleased.

Eli has always been on the leading edge in Charleston marketing and dining.

Earlier, out at the Pour House on James Island, it was a CD release party by Lee Barbour and a bunch of his musical friends.

Long-haired Graham Whorley was among those who played before Lee came on around midnight.

I have enjoyed knowing Graham over the years and he was in fine tune this evening.

At one time, when I did InfoLine for the Post and Courier, I had CDs and sound clips from more than 100 local bands in Charleston.

We presented a Charleston musical sampler that was as close as your telephone. Back when a phone was just a phone.

Lee's new CD is titled "Nonfiction" and described as "indie-jazz."

Lee stated they were going to play the album in the same sequence as released.

He further commented that this version would be an hour or so.

While he was composing and creating it, he said, that involved many, many weeks.

(Click on the photos - and links - to get the most from this posting.)

Thanks for stopping by. Keep supporting live music.

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At Thu Feb 23, 09:54:00 AM , Blogger Rick said...

Nice photos. Good review.

At Thu Feb 23, 10:07:00 AM , Blogger chuckography said...

Thanks Rick. What's your favorite restaurant? Music venue?


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