Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Naked Lunch....

There are NO birthday candles. A nude cake.

Yep. 72 would really be a LOT of candles.

And look pretty silly.

Not to mention The Liberty Tap & Grill in Mt. Pleasant would be quite a bit warmer.

My brother and his wife suggested we meet there for a birthday lunch and I readily agreed.

(Please ignore the small bite that I took before I remembered to put down my fork and reach for my camera.)

I have eaten at The Liberty before and ordered the Salmon BLT.

As usual, it was excellent.

They were "new" there and liked my suggestions of the Grouper sandwich and the Wasabi Seared Tuna.

I try to stay away from hot or spicy but they both tasted - and praised - the bright green sauce.

April is over and the offers of birthday meals from restaurants have come to an end.

My brother was telling me about the exercises he does and the weight he has lost.

I didn't have a lot to add to that conversation.

Well, not yet.

(Click twice on the photos for food details. I'll be moving clothes soon that are hanging on my treadmill and see if it'll start. Really.) Thanks for stopping by.

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At Sat Apr 30, 09:45:00 PM , Blogger Patrick said...

Happy birthday, Chuck!

I think I gained a pound looking at that food! :)


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