Monday, April 04, 2011

A Slice Of Life.......

So the pizza place is called "Your Pie."

You go down the line and select the toppings, the crust and all the other details.

Hmm. don't we do that at EVERY pizza place?

Anyway, the ad said "next to the Coburg Cow" in West Ashley.

I liked that they had Italian birra on tap and ordered a Moretti.

Then I placed my glass so the Coburg sign outside looked like an orange slice you see served on a Blue Moon beer.

Yes, I play with my food and my drinks.

The pizza was just the start of the evening.

Next was the Pour House on Maybank Highway.

The Acoustic Syndicate was in town and I remembered they bring their own light show.

Quite a dazzling effect.

That means standing back to enjoy the lights before you join the crowd down in front of the stage.

As is often the case, I was probably the oldest guy there.

Also likely the only one wearing professional ear plugs.

I've been to a LOT of loud shows in my time.

The night before I was at Home Team BBQ in Sullivan's Island for a sneak preview of Zydeco band J.J. Callier from Louisiana.

He was in town for Sunday's Cajun Country Festival and his 10-year old son was playing spoons & washboard.

I was pleased to catch a moment when he and his dad had the same set mouth look.


(Click on the photo for more details. The earplugs got a nice workout and no, I did not do the Bridge Run.) Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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