Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Special Marketing...

If you're male and go to clubs, you've seen ads posted above urinals.

Sometimes the sports page from today's paper.

Lately I've started noticing a small shelf where you can sit down your beer.

I heard a joke that one way to keep people on their toes is to raise the urinals.

But I digress.

I have seen ads on the bathroom wall in bars by lawyers who specialize in defending against a DUI ticket. Even drank from beer cups with an attorney's name and logo.

Now I have worn a DUI wristband ad.

(OK, I took the picture later. I wasn't drinking at a club at 6:20 in the evening.)

In marketing, as in duck hunting, you go where they are flying.

It also would deliver the cautionary message to both males and females.

Don't try dialing that number. I changed it to the one they always use in movies and on tv.

No sober free ads here.

(Thanks for stopping to see what this was all about. Semper Fi. It's 6:20 somewhere.)

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