Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Patio Furniture & other Irish names...

This street performer caught my eye in Dublin, Ireland.

He was rather tall.
I mean, for a Leprechaun.

It also was nowhere near St. Patrick's Day there on the auld sod.

For some reason, today, I feel the urge to re-visit some things Irish.

Breakfast has been called "the most important meal of the day."

Usually an Irish Breakfast is available any time of the day in pubs.

Not only just in Ireland.

I see it's available at pubs here too.

Always a pleasant surprise.

Especially around 5:00 in the afternoon.

With a cool Guinness of course.

TheBreakfast of Champions if you will.

While touring Ireland a few years ago, I made sure I went to Blarney Castle.

While there, I climbed the stairs, assumed the awkward position, leaned way over backward and "kissed the stone."

Unfortunately, right after that, I realized I had stood in line, and done this while the whole world cringed in fright from the scare of Swine Flu.

Spread by kissing I'm sure.

I joke that I was there at Blarney to give a lecture.

I'm able to handle myself in most conversations and my Irish-ness contributes to my being a wee bit non-shy. Embellish could be my middle name.

(Had to dig back in my files for these photos. Click for details. I covered a LOT of the Emerald Isle in 2 weeks. Still would like to go back again.Thanks for stopping by.

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