Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Rolling Along....

My first ever Roller Derby game, er, I mean, Bout.

I was surprised to see it's on a flat surface and that short oval must seem much longer when you're actually skating on it.

For all the first-timers, they do a Slo-Mo run through that explains who the players are and what they're trying to do to score points.

And I thought it was just a fist fight on wheels!

Actually, it's pointed out, you're not allowed to use your elbows, your hands or do any head butting.

Hmmm. What's left?

Many referees are skating around the track calling fouls and sending people to the penalty box.

Another ref points out the "Jammer" (star on her helmet) and that's the one trying to go through the defensive pack.

One point for each person she passes after the first go around.
It's definitely a contact sport and it was exciting to watch.

These ladies are in good shape and very dedicated to the sport.

The theme was "Malice In Wonderland" so the mayhem matched the madness.

Many costumes - Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, and Malice, I mean, Alice, of course.

I had not been to the Field house at the Citadel before and my camera is good - but not the best for fast action sports.

However, I found there was ample beer on hand.

(Click - twice - on the photos for more detail.)

A large SLR with zoom lenses would be much better but at least I came away with some memories.

I saw the visiting team colors were black and blue. How appropriate for this sport!

Stop by again and go watch a bout. Sip a PBR.

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