Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photography is light .....

Taking pictures at a music concert is a challenge.

First, there might be a sign saying "No Flash Photos."

Well, I try to shoot natural light so that's not the main problem.

The Pour House has GREAT sound. But, sometimes I am "fighting" the light man.

Changing the lights suddenly is not good. Or flashing them in your eyes. Dimming the lights - ouch! Hard to calculate exposure.

The Music Farm has great lighting.

There's a balcony level on each side too. Gives different views.

Still, the BEST concert experience is down on the floor.

Being jostled by dancers. Drinks spilled on you. Arms pumping the air excitedly blocking your shots.

Usually, the brighter the stage, the more detail of faces in the crowd.

Shows at major venues are often so well lighted, you can have your camera set same as a regular sunny day.

Then you can freeze action at 1/200 sec.

THAT'S a "light day" at work for me.

(Click on photos for more detail. Taj Mahal at the Pour House was SRO so more of a challenge shooting from back of the room. Acoustic Syndicate set up additional flashing lights. April Mary was an opening act at Music Farm.) Thanks for stopping in.

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