Friday, December 10, 2010

A "Mixed Bag" of Music...

The band's former name was The Bill Murray Experience.

Now it's "Jessy Carolina & The Hot Mess."

She played at Tin Roof last Tuesday night and I was pleasantly surprised by the unplugged acoustic effort.

"You people in the back might want to come in closer," Jessy advised. "We're not amplified tonight."

The guitar was sometimes covered over by the clarinet and/or the banjo as Mario Maggio switched back and forth, but she was belting out a gravel-throated Bessie Smith 1930s sound like crazy.

Just a few weeks ago, I was at the Performing Arts Center enjoying Lyle Lovett and his "Large Band."

Charleston is on a Happy Holidays musical hot streak right now!

We're being treated to national and regional entertainers and on December 15, local jazz artist Ann Caldwell presents her "Acoustic Porch" monthly arts jam session near Park Circle.

Keep your eyes and ears tuned. It's Santa's bag of goodies.

(Click on pictures for more detail. Photoshop was used to enhance the background at Tin Roof. Can you tell? Thanks for checking my blog.)

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