Sunday, May 24, 2020

Day by Day During A Pandemic...

OK, after nearly 3 months of SIP (Stay In Place), my life at least has a certain flow each day.

I now regularly stay up later and then sleep more.... used to be sort of a "morning person."

In the evenings, I am either reading, doing binge viewing on Netflix, or watching A Late Show with Stephen Colbert, broadcast from his den instead of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

As the intro says "and now, from a safe distance..:" and the band name is pronounced Stay Home-ing instead of Stay Human.

Because ALL of us miss our barber and hairstylists, I appreciate one night when Colbert's hair "looked different."

He explained he was bored and parted it on the other side.  Next night, it was correct again.

Or, maybe I catch A Closer Look with Seth Meyers, beaming at us from his attic. He did mention the small door behind him but did not explain where it goes.

I get up after sleeping 8 hours - sometimes 9 or even 10 - to start another predictable day.

Today was a bit different as the virus mitigation has begun to be eased a little.
Oh, I'm of an age that I will wait a bit before joining large, unmasked and shoulder-to-shoulder crowds gathering ANYWHERE.

About every 10 days or so I pocket my stuff (mask and Purell) and head to the nearby grocery store. It still has a single entry and exit and monitors the 75 people allowed in the store at a time. Today, however, I saw they are NOT really enforcing wearing a mask and that's a disappointment.

As I was checking out, a person came right up behind me, slapping down items on the moving belt at the register. I turned and said "Hope I am not in your way," as I edged away.

She, wearing no mask, said "Oh, no, that's OK." I pushed my sanitized cart away and said "I was being sarcastic."

I headed to the other place I have been to once before during this serious time.. OLLIE's Discount store, to replenish my Keurig coffee pods and maybe get a rug for my new screened porch. They have great bulk pricing on the handy little plastic cups and various-size rugs also were discounted right now.

I headed up Murry Drive toward Hanahan High School and up ahead, I thought I saw a cluster of old political signs...

... but was pleasantly surprised to see maybe half a mile of Senior Yearbook photos of the Class of 2020!

What a great idea!

I slowed down (traffic is still very light) and took a few photos.

I even pulled over for this one.

I didn't actually count the portraits but the signage lasted at least a quarter-mile (I don't estimate distance too great either.)

I was happy to see there was this extraordinary recognition for an important moment in these young people's lives.

(Hmm, I wonder if there would be an actual printed book for this graduating class.)

I treasure mine from Bishop England...Class of 1957!

Oh, in case you wondered, here is how Colbert looks with his usual part on the "correct " side!

Thanks for stopping by.

You've brightened up my isolated day.

Be safe! Be smart. Physical separation rules!

You know the way this on the photos for more details and, if there is a link, click on that to learn more

Oh, I did get a new coffee supply and now have a 9 x 6 carpet on my screened porch. Good price, too.  Thanks "Ollie."

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