Thursday, May 05, 2016

You Can Call Me Al...or Paul

Paul Simon in concert in Atlanta.

In the Fabulous Fox theater.

Oh man, does it get any better than this?

Three, yes three, encores. The crowd of 4,678 people did not want to leave and we applauded and yelled and he kept coming back onstage.

If he had played ALL of his classic hits, we'd all still be standing there.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover started us off.

I was standing in a long line for a beer when the first notes started and - whoosh - I was next to get my beer.

I vaguely recall going to the Fox for a movie as a teenager and seeing the mighty Wurlitzer rise up from the pit.

Funny I did not remember the Moorish look of the huge theater, so Tuesday in Atlanta was almost like my first time at the Fox.

Our seats were Row G on the main floor but I asked permission to wander up to the balcony to take a peek.

No problem, and the pleasant usher even suggested I go all the way to the far side to get the best effect. With my camera in hand.

Beautiful. Awesome. And the softest most comfortable seats ever, to sink down and relax.

The lighting was superb, the sound spot on and the twinkling stars overhead in the blue sky added to the ambiance.

Meanwhile, onstage, Paul and his 9-person band were hammering out hit after hit.

Sounds of Silence, The Boxer, Still Crazy After All These Years, etc., etc.

Kodachrome, Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard, You Can Call Me Al, etc., etc.

Graceland, Late In The Evening, Slip, Slidin' Away, and Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.

This evening was worth the 5-hour drive and a construction traffic tie-up on I-20.

The blocked lane was expertly handled and the delay was minor. 

Impressive looking but not a big deal. And, unlike later that evening back in Charleston, we did not even have any rain.

And that band! They are a tight group and have played together since forever. 

Don't know when the man in the long gown from Cameroon joined, but he played his solo well on Under African Skies.

I have a few more pictures that I like so will add them as space permits.

Five years ago, drove to Gwinnett to see Simon perform there in the suburbs.

The bonus this time of being downtown (two stops on MARTA) at the Fox, made it an extra special evening.

Besides, Atlanta is known for fine dining and entertainment.

(Click on the photos and the links for more details and information.)

Even the 5-hour drive back home was smooth, sunny and not a hint of rain.

With Paul Simon well-represented on the recorded music tracks.

Oh, Mr. Robinson was NOT included in the show but we had it on the digital player though.

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