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My Photography Group meets monthly and we have a SHOW & TELL session to present our work to the other members.

We vote on an optional theme for the next month and "Silhouette" was picked for March.

Members can choose to shoot pictures that support that idea.

Or, ignore it and bring a few favorite shots they'd like to share.

15 is the maximum for each member ...or we'd be there all night.

The last option is to look through your files and seek out pictures that match the theme

Each month I usually try all three options. My"biergarten" shot in Munich came from the files.

I was in Germany a few years ago and enjoyed an evening of Oktoberfest. This was in September.

Details are a little vague.

This was followed by a late breakfast the next morning in an outdoor setting.

Yes, those are BIG glasses.

My boutique hotel in Germany was very close to the  Munich U-Bahn subway station - on purpose - so no driving was involved.

No matter what hotel you choose, the party continues there night after night and mine followed that rule.

This shot is not really a silhouette but has a nice combo of light and dark.

The train stations in Europe are HUGE and very busy. Few in the United States reach that level of activity.

Each rail hub is a small city with food, drink, benches, shops, stores, cabs, buses and parking.

Also a police force, municipal workers, and sanitation facilities.

A weary traveler is well served.

The Oktoberfest survivor needs all the help he can get.
In England's capital, it is hard to ignore "The London Eye."

I'm sure the name has changed since it opened in 2000 and was known as the British Airways London Eye.

It stands 443 feet high on the south bank of the River Thames and now is known by the newest sponsor name, EDF Energy.

We do that - selling a sponsorship when naming a football stadium or other big buildings or structures.

But, it makes a good silhouette picture.

I recall that I had that in mind when I snapped it.

The Cliffs of Moher is where Ireland meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Hmm, is THIS a true silhouette?

Our tour guide/bus driver warned us that it was a foggy day so the odds were against us.

It depended on the wind whether or not we would see the view on the western seaboard of Clare County.

Sadly, it was socked in when he was parking the bus but we trudged to the viewing areas anyway.

The wind picked up, the fog was blown back to sea and there they were, all in a row. "Wow," I recall saying.

This view from the plane coming back to Philadelphia certainly qualifies as a silhouette.

I've noticed that more and more of the Photo Group members are dipping into their saved world-wide photos to meet the challenge of a monthly theme.

Doesn't bother me.

The photo is a souvenir, a keepsake, a memory-flogger.

One of the many beauties of photography is the chance to revisit an experience.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

Back-lit is pretty close to a silhouette. We'll see if others feel that way at the meeting on Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by. Bring your camera and come to a meeting.

* I have 99,618 hits on my blog right now.
Should hit 6 figures any day now.

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