Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hey, got a few seconds?

Sometimes it's just too dark to take a picture.

Some people would pop a flash but I don't care for the results of that.

I prefer natural light whenever possible.

To capture a mood.  Share what a scene really looked like.

I have been to the Footlight Players Theatre on Queen Street quite a few times but this time the stage was totally bare.

A curtain was way in the back but you could see the wings on each side of the vacant stage.

The ropes used to haul scenery flats up and down as needed were neatly coiled.

The sandbags used as ballast were idle.

They were not needed for this 10th Annual Comedy Festival show.

A single performer with a wooden stool and a microphone on a stand was all we saw.

Of course a tripod is needed to do long exposure shots and these were each 15 seconds.

A small tripod is always  screwed into the bottom of my camera so I have one available.

In this case, between shows, I placed the camera on the edge of the stage itself to shoot the wings.

Then I turned to the mural on a wall above the audience.

Made the settings and used the timer to start the exposure.

If you can use a cable release, that's good too.

The secret is to avoid shaking the camera at all.

Of course, with a digital camera you can click right away and see if you captured it.

(Click on the photo for more details.)

It helps to be in the first row to do this.

The stage was a steady brace right in front of me.

Unfortunately, the second comic decided to zero in on people in close range.

I'm getting used to being a target.

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