Monday, November 05, 2012

Some Capital Blues....

WOMP* did it again..

The 18th annual Columbia Blues Festival on Saturday at Five Points featured Eddie Shaw & The Wolf Gang as the headliner act.

The star's son - Eddie Vaan Shaw - appeared with his now-familiar 3- neck guitar.

I just noticed the top neck is a 12-string and the others are "regular" 6-string.

He plays all of them great.

His Dad was in fine voice and played the sax and sang with hearty gusto.

*Word Of Mouth Prods has been putting this free concert together since 1994 and announced they plan to create a 19th and a 20th.

At least.

We drove past a lot of bars and eateries coming through Columbia but didn't stop.

We used the sponsor booths for our drinking and eating at the concert site in Martin Luther King Park.

Each year we are reminded the "Free" event is made possible by the generous help from the community and sponsors.

I was proud to help by drinking Yeungling Ambers and having a hot slice of pizza from the Village Idiot for lunch.

Another tent - downwind - was grilling tasty hamburgers with all the fixin's  and you can't ignore that aroma too long.

Made a nice late supper. With a homemade brownie for dessert.

Tom Principato, down from Washington, DC performed his 90-minute set just before the closing headliner.

He announced they had CDs at the merchandising tent, along with t-shirts, etc.

"Come buy a CD and I'll sign it for you. We have 17 titles, " Tom said.

Dang, a long-time pro. Some bands don't even know 17 SONGS!

Earlier in the day we watched a Savannah-based trio called Swamp Cabbage.

Good blues music and great banter from the leader Walter Parks.

He often stepped down from the stage to play atop the row of sturdy speakers.

It was a beautiful day and the sound system was excellent.

I had forgotten my hat and tried to find a shady spot.

As the day went on, the shade was moving away from the edge where I sat.

A fellow nearby offered me some of his 30 SPF sun screen. It was a family-friendly crowd.

One lady spent the day enjoying the music and grooming her HUGE curly-haired dog.

It was about the size of the giant stuffed main prize at a fair's midway booth.

She - and her friendly pet- were a winning couple.

(Click on the photos to see more detail.)

This was my third trip up to the festival.

It's timed each year for the USC football day-off  weekend.

Wonder how many players came to listen to the music?

Didn't see anybody in uniform.

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