Thursday, March 01, 2012

"For The Young In Heart."

My Dad loved this car.

He really wanted the white-over-black Belvedere model.

In 1959 he got one.

This was about the "newest" car my Dad ever owned.

Being a carpenter and cabinet-maker, he often bartered his work.

Build something and accept a running used lawn mower for payment.

We grew up surrounded by "used but good" items.

He worked wonders with wood and was a savvy swapper.

The News and Courier even ran a picture of his Plymouth sitting next to his 1949 Chevy pickup.

Well, this actually was in the background of the news photo.

I enlarged the part showing his pride and joy.

The larger picture showed trash piled up by neighbors, creating an "eyesore" on Society Street.

I saw an automotive link today where you can go back in time and look at many of each year's new cars.

Naturally I went to Plymouth. To the slick brochure.

It bragged "Flashing breakaway at the traffic light" and "Easy conquest of the steepest grade."

No mention of it being faster than a speeding bullet and being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

I had to have it towed away in 1998 when I moved into the family home in Hanahan.

It had rusted quite a bit and had killed all the grass beneath it from sitting in one place for many, many years.

Unlike the brochure copy, it no longer was "A portrait In Steel."

(Click on the photos for more details.Well, not the newspaper one.)

Be sure to look up YOUR first car.

See how automakers had envisioned your Dream Car.

Copywriters are cool.

Remininse in moderation

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At Thu Mar 01, 05:51:00 PM , Blogger Rick said...

October in the 50's and 60's always came with anticipation of the new car models. Every two years my dad would buy the new model Ford.

At Fri Apr 15, 10:49:00 AM , Blogger Oleg Gula said...

Buddy is cute musician. Have you ever visited his club in Chicago - I recommedn you to visit it!


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