Sunday, March 18, 2012

Checking into the Hiatt....

That's John Hiatt of course.

He and his buddy Lyle Lovett entertained last night at the Performing Arts Center,

It was a rare acoustic evening by two outstanding singer songwriters.

The banter between them - and the audience of 1,400 - was a special treat.

They took turns playing crowd-pleasing songs.

The other waited and looked on, smiling and then offering comments and compliments.

It had a nice feeling of spontaneity.

Lyle came out wearing a bright green suit.

Kelly green?

Lime green?

Hunter green?

Moss green?

Forest green?


He quipped "Happy St. Patrick's Day, Charleston."

Not really sure if there was a set list of songs they planned to play??

They heard many, many favorites requested by the audience.

Many of the song titles brought a smile to their face.

Hiatt mentioned the feedback reminded him of the Munchkins in The Wizard Of Oz.

Lyle seemed puzzled and suggested maybe that was an insult to the crowd.

Hiatt, starting another song added "I didn't say they WERE Munchkins, just that they reminded me of them."

I guess that cleared things up because the requests continued to be shouted out.

There was a standing ovation at the end and the two came back out and played another couple of songs.

They they leaned toward each other and shook hands.

They told us it was great being back in Charleston and hope to come again soon.

(Click on the photos for more details.)

The lighting was simple - from the front and kept at a steady level.

Photographers tend to notice that.

And we like it.

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