Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Double Your Fun ....

So, I'm running classified ads in my paper and they produce lots of responses.

For example, I'm offering my older computer monitor for sale after I moved up in size.

But I'm hearing ridiculously LOW offers. Yikes.

Wait a minute, isn't there a way to connect TWO monitors to my computer? How hard could that be?

Then I could slide all those pesky (but necessary) icons over to the smaller screen and leave the BIG screen free for BIG images.

Be easier to read text too.

And, speaking of enjoying more screen time, the new 60-inch television makes watching football more exciting.

Looks like one of us is missing a helmet??

Actually only the cat sits this close to the screen.

And, usually only for football.

The picture is so big and so crisp, you pick up your camera to capture a moment.

Digital and High Definition were made for each other.

Craig Ferguson of the CBS Late, Late Show went to Paris a while back and did a low budget week of segments.

This week's reruns gave me a chance to snap a shot of his robot skeleton side-kick in a suit.

Geoff Peterson has on a beret. And wearing pants.

The usually austere show pulled out all the stops with music, dancers and hand puppets to promote the series of overseas shows.

The hoopla is appropriate for the Peabody Award-winning late night talk show hosted by the Scottish-American comedian.

He debuted 7 years ago and it was announced that when David Letterman retired, Craig would move into that earlier slot.

We'll see.

The white bunny's comment was "Ooh La La."

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