Friday, April 22, 2011

"You Had Me At KWAK..."

So the last time I had seen a Kwak served in the distinctive glass in it's miniature wooden holder was in Belgium.

It's a requirement when serving it properly.

By Belgian law.

Or tradition.

With 700 different beers - and particular glasses for each one - it can get confusing.

But Oak Barrel Tavern in West Ashley does it right.

If you're heading to Gene's Haufbrau or crossing the street to Triangle Char or Mellow Mushroom, you might miss the small store front.

Seek it out.

You'll be glad you did for a change of pace. And taste.

And, speaking of Easter, it's time for me to dust off my two favorite "seasonal" shots.

The bunnies of course came from the internet.

I buy a chocolate bunny each year but keep forgetting to take pictures as I bite off the ears.

The other shot of a cancellation sign was taken on James Island about 12 years ago.

A church's annual Easter tradition ran into problems and could not be presented.

I love tradition.

Chocolate bunnies or reliving a beer drinking experience in Bruges, Belgium.

(Clicking on the pictures usually produces more detail. A shot taken from the internet does not always enlarge. My small collection of beer glasses includes a tall yard of ale glass, a half-yard, a foot and a tiny toe. Collect glasses responsibly.)

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