Friday, December 17, 2010

'Tis The Season....

Visited my Mom today at Sandpiper Nursing & Rehab in Mt. Pleasant.

I reminded her it was her wedding anniversary.

Always a week before Christmas.

It would have been their 77th.

The main dining room was being used for a festive employee Christmas party and children were running around stuffed with sugar cookies.

Took some pictures of the decorated tree.

Then used Photoshop to enhance it even more.

Growing up, we three brothers had mixed methods for decorating the tree. My older disappeared and my younger usually got impatient.

Eventually he would start to throw clumps of silvery icicles on the tree instead of hanging them carefully one at a time.

Every year.

Today, Santa and Mrs. Claus were leaving the room, looking tired but happy.

I asked them to pose with my Mom.

That got a big smile from everyone.

There was a sign on the bulletin board that said "Save Santa A Trip, Be Naughty."

My Mom said "Of course, I've been nice."

(Click on the photos for details. Can you see the Photoshop effects? I'm glad the Clauses could get away from the shop with a busy week to go.) Thanks for stopping by. Stay warm.

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