Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A "Rally" Good Time In Washington...

You don't go all the way up to Washington just to attend a rally!

There were nearby attractions that merited exploring. And great entertainment.

The U.S. Botanic Garden is a real "hot spot" especially inside the Conservatory.

Years ago I promoted travel to Southern California so I knew that the "Bird of Paradise" is the official flower of the City of Los Angeles.

Been a while since I've seen them though.

Because it's the end of October, the blast of heat and humidity when you enter the huge glass house is a bit of a surprise.

A wonderfully pretty green place with colorful flowers blooming all year long.

Sort of like an endless summer in Charleston.

But more humid.

Is that even possible?

Remember that old toy you had that when you punched hard it popped right back up? Wasn't it a clown? Or maybe a boxer?

Thought of that as I passed some odd looking - but familiar - statues outside the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Inside it features Modern & Contemporary Art.

Like all the other public sites, it too had free admission but no pictures were allowed inside.

The Washington National Cathedral is the fourth recognizable structure on Washington's skyline.

Like the Capitol building it sits atop a hill and welcomes visitors with cameras. Except during actual services.

A docent guide pointed out that the sun shining through the stain glass windows casts a "rainbow effect" early and late in the day.

The afternoon was filled with patchy clouds so I waited until the sun broke through.

The wait was worth it, looking up at the 100-foot high ceiling and watching colors swirl around.

The National Zoo gave me my first glimpse of giant Panda bears.

I think Pandas may sit and Zen out in contemplation.

They seem to leisurely eat bamboo shoots for long lengths of time.

Just the opposite, a Snow Leopard showed fierce determination as it ripped and chewed chunks from a huge slab of red meat.

It definitely was feeding time at the zoo.

A sleek spotted Cheetah quickly paced back and forth from one side of its forested enclosure. No sudden burst of speed.

This was the first time in years that I have been in a large city for Halloween.

I know it was just a costume....but

I felt very comfortable and secure storing my luggage at the Hyatt Regency Hotel while I went sightseeing.

Robert Randolph & The Family Band was totally in the Halloween spirit with wigs, hats, and masks when they came onstage.

It was obviously costume night when the show started at the 9:30 Club. Patrons portrayed an astonishing array of characters as they welcomed the band.

Robert grinned beneath a glittering Mardi Gras-type mask.

His banner proudly proclaimed "Wet T-Shirt Winner" over his strapped on much-more-than-ample padded bosom.

As the evening wore on, each band member wore less as they took off their dress-up outfits.

I saw a young lady in the front row furtively reach out for Robert's discarded "chest."

She may have worn it home. It was that kind of night.

- 30 -

(My Canon S90 was quite busy. Click on the photos - twice - to see amazing detail. Thank you for viewing and please tell others.)

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