Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life...A Spoonful At A Time

Yesterday I saw an 8oz package called Breakfast Bowl and checked the fat listing. The eggs and sausage showed 34 grams of fat. The one with bacon was "only" 33 grams.

It's not so much that the halo gets tight around my head.

I'm no saint but I do try to watch what I eat.

The government actually helps by requiring labels to tell us what's in the food we eat. My doctor and nutritionists acknowledge the labels do a pretty good job. But, you have to read the labels.

In my case, I try to limit total fats to about 60 grams a day. That's for all three meals, 1800 - 2000 calories. I check to see how much fat is involved for each SERVING.

The top of the label shows how many servings are in the container. A microwave bag of popcorn lists a low fat number but that little bag contains 3 servings. Yeah, right. Multiply the fats by 3 and it adds up quickly.

And, then there's Salt. My doctor said "don't add ANY salt to anything."
Labels show we get more salt than we need so why sprinkle on more?

Here's good news for me... there are NO fats in beer.

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