Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yes..it's a Booty Bottle.

The Harbor Grille, next to the Aquarium downtown, touts itself as a restaurant with a great view.

I viewed a bottle on the back bar that made me ask a few questions. It was sexy-shaped. It was wearing a slinky red dress. And a red hat.

Bartender Martene Pendigrast didn't know a lot about the bottle of Landy Brandy except it was almost empty and had been there "for years."

Several others joined in the inspection as Miss Landy was turned around and dusted off.

(Isn't there a group called "Red Hats Ladies?" Would this be their official drink when they gathered?)

The restaurant is working with the newly-opened Terrace Hippodrome (formerly the IMAX) and offers a Sun-Thurs dinner & movie package that offers an admittance ticket discount.

The harbor view is stunning, especially when several container ships are sliding by, nudged by tugs, to keep them inside the channel.

A double-decker harbor cruise boat, probably the Spirit of the Low Country, was loading passengers next to the 84' Schooner PRIDE with its distinctive 3 tall masts.

An active scene on a busy harbor.

The internet supplied zero details about the uniquely-shaped curvaceous bottle.

It did point out that technically it is not Landy Brandy.

I'm a beer drinker these days and don't know much about "hard liquor" but I was tempted to have the last drink from the bottle.

It would not be the first time that a temptress wore red. The hat was different.

Oh yeah, it's not brandy, it's cognac...with the red dress on.

Waiting for that last Booty Call.

(Attention Community Social Media: yes, I contacted various sources to verify names and went online to seek definitive answers about the shape of the bottle.

True research requires more than just having a beer at a great bar with a cooperative - and spirited - bartender.

The movie I saw that night at the Hippodrome was Batman - Dark Knight from a year ago.

I was among a small but enthusiastic crowd at that screening who had not seen it yet or who wanted to enjoy the big a** screen and 12,000+ watts of sound.)

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