Thursday, June 18, 2009

OK, Enough with the rain.

We had heavy rain the other day interrupted by T-storms.

With crackling lightning and booming thunder.

Hey, it's JUNE and way past time for April showers.

Here's a view out my front window. So soggy we're seeing shape changing.

Big surprise: it's been announced that the drought is over. How could they find the rain guage? It probably floated away.

I saw a blogger or a Facebook entry about building an ark. A Cubit? Was that it?

Back when I was growing up on the peninsula in Ansonborough, we had heavy rain. This is the soggy view of Society Street about 50 years ago.

That was where it was uphill to walk to school.

Each way.

In the rain.

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At Sat Jun 20, 06:18:00 AM , Blogger CarolinaDreamz said...

Hey Chuck.

Being just a bit out of "town" in Berk county Summerville.. we could have used more rain. My poor garden and I don't get along, when the heat makes me hermit, inside.

I heard a lot of noise. I saw a lot of light. We were lucky to get one day of rain.

Interesting how I can be here, but be out of the loop, so much, with weather.

Love your photos.

At Tue Jun 23, 11:53:00 AM , Blogger Bobbie said...

Yes we got rain here in Central Florida last night as a matter of fact my grandson has a rain gauge out and we got .7 of an inch during the night. But I hear we are still in a drought conditions here too. Who knows. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Bobbie


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