Sunday, July 12, 2009

Student/Teacher and graduation....

So this is a completed project for yet another session of using Photoshop.

The software program that allows you to manipulate a photo is easy...once someone shows me how to do something.

At least 10 times.

This started out as a stock photo on the internet and, placed next to it, a photo of me. My face was circled in a "lasso" and dragged over to the larger photograph.

My face replaced the face that was there. Neat.

But, now the small camera was covered up so my teacher and I pushed buttons, eliminated the old face - leaving the hand and camera intact - and floated my face "behind" it on a different "layer.".

Now it worked.

The visual joke is that unlike the past, when I really did tote all sorts of cameras and lenses, today I simply carry a small digital Canon. It's actually a few steps up from a basic point-and-shoot, but still very compact.

I carry it most of the time.

Changing the name tag was something I had already learned to do.

Piece of cake.

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At Fri Aug 21, 10:02:00 AM , Blogger Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

I want to learn how to use PhotoShop or some similar program. Then I want to change the banner on one or two of my blogs. No one has the patience to show me the "how-to's" as many times as it would take, though. :)

At Fri Aug 21, 10:33:00 AM , Blogger chucker said...

Drop by our Photography group on a 2nd Wed of the month(7pm)and someone will work with you. Bring your laptop.

Click for details.


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