Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yes...Sprinkles For Breakfast!

Bill Cosby explained it best after feeding his children cake for breakfast.

"It's milk and eggs and flour."

Leftover birthday cake - like cold pizza - is meant to be a morning treat.

After celebrating my 70th birthday for three days, I really didn't feel up to making a "real" breakfast so I didn't.

I had toyed with the idea of having 70 blazing candles on my milestone cake, but my sister-in-law summed it up well: "A 7 and a 0 is easier to handle than 70."

My daughters called and the younger one mentioned that - at her last birthday - she had moved into the age bracket of 35 to 40. That's when it hit me: I was now a Septuagenarian.


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At Thu Apr 30, 08:26:00 PM , Blogger Pixel Peeper said...

Yup - agree with Bill Cosby here - not any worse than cereal!

Happy belated birthday!

At Fri May 01, 10:56:00 PM , Anonymous joan said...

Happy Birthday chuck! Sorry I missed the festivities!

At Sat May 02, 02:46:00 PM , Blogger JanetLee said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry to miss the party!


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