Sunday, March 01, 2009

No Cameras, what about cell phones?

Ben Folds pulled out all the stops Thursday at the PAC and I have a few really nice pictures.

The ticket - as usual - said "No Cameras * No Recorders."

Hmmm. When I see people all around me holding up cell phones and other devices snapping pictures, shooting videos and making recordings, I feel "ok" using my little digital camera. But, no flash.

The Performing Arts Center in North Charleston has excellent stage lighting and I have often captured nice images without annoying people with an intrusive flash.

At the Bruce Springsteen concert in the Coliseum, instead of fans waving lighters in the dark as homage, the lighted dials of cell phones created the visually moving salute.

That's a LOT of people with phones (banned cameras) inside the venue.

Saturday, up in Charlotte, everybody obeyed the warnings so I took no pictures of Robin Williams performing a fantastic show.

I DID download one from the internet - and give full credit - because Williams had the packed Ovens Auditorium laughing out loud.

My daughter has been a stand up comic for years and credits "Mork" as a role model when she started performing.

She knows his current tour - upon his release from a rehabilitation center in Northern California - is entitled "Weapons of Self Destruction."

He joked "I went to alcohol rehab in Wine Country."On Thursday,I snapped Ben Folds when he climbed atop his piano while telling a story of driving to a gig and hitting a bear.

I just drove back from Charlotte today and tonight Folds is appearing up there where Williams starred last night.

No bears were injured in these appearances. Nor photographed.

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At Mon Mar 02, 04:41:00 PM , Blogger Jared said...


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At Mon Mar 02, 05:26:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

OK, Jared, I followed the step-by-step and installed it. First addition in about a year...if you don't count Twitter (only had it briefly). Thanks.

At Mon Mar 02, 05:30:00 PM , Blogger Jared said...

I and the rest of us at are honored. I'll be quoting you and putting it on our big blackboard.

At Thu Aug 13, 07:55:00 PM , Blogger chucker said...

I am sure everyone who follows Robin Williams knows that the show I saw up in Charlotte was his LAST show before heart surgery! He canceled shows that weekend in Florida - and suspended the tour.

He's healthy now and back on tour but has changed the title to include "..and Reconstruction."

Funny guy.


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