Monday, March 09, 2009

Sparks a memory....

Came across THIS in my files and I remembered as if it were yesterday.

It was 1958.

Highway 17 South, between Camp Lejeune, NC and Charleston, SC.

A fellow Marine (he a Sgt, me a Cpl.) and I were headed down to my hometown to drink some beer and have a good long "non-military" weekend.

As we sped past a house by the side of the road he commented "that doesn't look right." I braked, turned around and drove back.

We both had seen what looked like a bright yellow glow in a window and we ran up on the porch, banging on the door, yelling "Get out! Your house is on fire."

Bob pushed open the unlocked door and we both ventured in still shouting. And now, coughing.

It was empty so we scooted back out as the flames grew and we could hear it roar.

I reached in the car for my camera and started clicking as the fire quickly consumed the entire house.

A few minutes later a volunteer fire truck pulled up so we continued on to a weekend of cold beer.

Your throat gets awfully dry yelling inside a burning house.

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