Sunday, April 05, 2009

Get On The Bus !

The story in the paper said CARTA was starting a 3x day weekend bus to Folly Beach.

Well, it's about time!

The last time I rode that bus from Ansonborough was about 1952.

I spent a lot of summers at Folly with my grandmother.

In fact, my birth certificate says I was BORN at Folly Beach.

Technically, I was born at the old St. Francis on Calhoun Street but the certificate stated where my parents were living.

I wasn't old enough to drive so my Mom would put me on the city's beach bus in front of our house on Society Street and tell the driver my grandmother would meet me on Center Street by the (old) post office.

It was a 12 mile drive and what I remember most are the furrowed tomato fields that covered MOST of James Island way back then. Mile after mile, the optical illusion effect made the dark lines waver and undulate as we rolled past.

My extensive photo files had not captured these memories so I searched the internet and found these illustrations.

My Mom is sure the drivers recall me.

She said I was not shy and I was quite a Chatty Chuck those days. She has no doubt I talked his ear off.

Anybody else remember riding that route or the fields?

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