Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thanksgiving is WHEN?

 I arrived at Heather Solo's home in Ladson just about the right time last Sunday...the Thanksgiving roasted turkey was coming out of the oven.


Well, actually, it was the second or maybe even the third one.

This good-looking taste treat, I was told, was not "brined." That sounded kind of salty so I was glad I would be having some of this particular "EarlyBird" bird.

This was only October and the faux traditional holiday meal was being prepared about 30 days early.

This was so photos could be taken and used in food articles and recipes leading up to the real deal meal next month.

Heather Solos, a delightful, fun blogger I met 10 years ago, created Home-ec101.com to provide important tips on everyday living. Go to her site and perhaps get a copy of her book.

She details preparing a successful family dinner when everybody comes together, expecting to eat well.

Before I arrived, a full array of side dishes had been put together by Heather, then photographed by Phillip Guyton, Jr., who comes down from Florence each year that this event takes place.

 We, the lucky invited guests, sampled each dish.

These ran through a variety of collard greens with sausage, risotto with mushrooms, a trio of boiled potatoes, several stuffings, green string beans, cornbread, cherry and apple pies, etc., etc.

Of course, we who had done this before were wise enough to bring containers to take away portions for a later meal. Here's the dinner I had on Monday at home.

Heather even provided plasticware with lids so nobody left empty-handed.

The table filled as each new component had its picture taken and we dove in to sample the newest and go back for seconds.

This dining tutorial brought other fellow bloggers and friends so it was a pleasant afternoon and evening of eating and greeting.

One newcomer to me was seeing the family pet, a hedgehog whose name I didn't catch.

Maybe Barbie or Spike?

Heather lifted the critter, a spiny round ball and slowly coaxed it to relax and unfurl.

I have an inside cat who is curious about everything and she would have been stabbed in her nose if she got too close .

These defensives stiff spears are sharp and hurt if you touch the ends.

Heather showed us its full range of activity as it uncurled and showed that it too was curious.

I have no idea of what a hedgehog eats, but if it includes white and dark turkey, stuffing, and delicious side dishes, it had to be happy there as the family pet.

No, I never did reach out and touch it but I did snap a few pictures.

I packed up my early festive meal and headed home after thanking my hostess Heather. I was pretty sure I had a can of cranberry jelly in my cabinet.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving..just a few days before Halloween.

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