Friday, September 23, 2016

What exactly is a "Squirrel Nut Zipper?"

 SNZ was created 20 years ago by leader Jimbo Mathus.

I can't find anything online that explains the name. 
But,  Google knows everything, so I did find at least a description of the hot retro movement sound the band makes. Whew.

Like the big bands from the 40s, there is a Lady Singer.

She brought a Betty Boop sound and style.

Ingrid Lucia really belts it out.

She sings and struts her stuff in a most pleasing manner, with some classy costume changes.

The mostly- standing, dancing, clapping crowd at the Music Hall demonstrated she was a major part of several "Show-Stoppers."

Off to the left, the fiddle man Dr. Sick, bounced, jumped, danced and did splits as he played.

Then he really caught my attention as he sat still and played on a hand saw. Yep.

My dad was a carpenter and he had many, many saws.

He had shown me how to create undulating sounds as you hit on the twisted blade. 

Pretty notes sliding up and down the scale.

The Doctor used his fiddle bow, instead of a screwdriver,  to make oddly pleasing sounds.

The first time I had seen Jimbo and his "zippers" was at the Music Farm.

This hot and lively musical seance energized the crowd and I twirled among the dancing dervish fast-paced action.

Same thing happened at the Music Hall as the crowd surrendered to the compelling beat and worked itself into a frenzy.

The building still stands after the attack of the  hot swing killer Squirrels.

I'm sure it was rocked to its foundations.

Many of the crowd stood in line after the show to snap up 20th-anniversary vinyl records.  I knew I already had the album at home.

The opening act was a real crowd-pleaser too. 

The V-Tones 6-person band took the stage with Noodle McDoodle on amped uke and his wife Eden on snare and cymbal.

Their fiddle guy was phenomenal! Catch this Charleston uke hot jug band that plays all around town.

OK, looking at my calendar and see more bands coming up next week. I'll take a breath and try to add postings to my blog.

Thanks for stopping by. Click on the photos and links for more detail and sounds.

* Never say never. Did find a link to the band's name origin.

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At Sat Sep 24, 10:38:00 AM , Blogger Rick said...

I've heard the band a few times, never in person however. Interesting sound and fun to listen to...
When I was a child and my grandmother worked at the lunch counter at the YMCA downtown, she would always bring home some penny candies for my uncle and me. Among those carmels and Mary Janes was that luscious paper-wrapped Squirrel Nut Zipper. It was a sweet delicacy of a childhood kind. They may still be around where penny-candy be found...

At Sat Sep 24, 07:27:00 PM , Blogger Rick said...

You probably know these guys too.


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