Saturday, August 27, 2016

Charleston's Artesian water...

Had not really thought about Charleston's artesian water and it's funky taste for a long time.

It all came back to me yesterday when I leaned in to sip some bubbling up in a fountain on Calhoun Street at Rutledge.

Wow, just as I recalled, growing up in Ansonborough in the 1950s.

We lived on Society, the next street over from the fire station at Meeting and Wentworth.

I know that station's fountain is dry and no longer has people showing up with gallon jugs to cart that distinctive-smelling well-water home.

My grandmother lived with us and all three boys would be told to go and retrieve  some of that water for her.
Yesterday I had dropped my brother off at MUSC for an out-patient procedure and had some time to kill.

I was only a few blocks from the renovated Colonial Lake so I wandered down Rutledge - past Cannon Park's 4 columns -  to see how the lake looked now,
Pretty neat! Wide sidewalks for dog-walking and exercise.

Charleston iron benches in the dappled shade, set among long, low walls that invite you to pause, sit and reflect.

Oh, and all the plants that people were talking about.

I even spotted a shiny new water fountain that I am sure was never there before.

Wonder if it provides artesian water? Didn't think to taste it.

(Click on the photos and links for more details.)

Thanks for walking along Rutledge Avenue with me. Stop and refresh yourself at the Calhoun Street fountain!

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At Thu Feb 09, 10:21:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have photos to scan then post of your Charleston of the 1950's?

At Mon Mar 13, 12:23:00 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Born 1955 @ home (East Bay & Laurens Sts.)
Went to Buist Elementary. Graduated Burke HS in 1973. Remember the fountain and ppl w/ jugs getting the water.


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