Sunday, September 25, 2016

"We are the SUFFERS, and, we're from HOUSTON!

Kam Franklin, the lead vocalist, told us to listen carefully.

And, she said, we were to shout back the answers.

Who are we?
The Suffers, we answered, er, shouted out loudly.

Where are we from?

We yelled out the city name we had been told: Houston!

Then all 7 members of the Suffers started playing their 3rd Coast Soul Music and the crowd started some serious dancing.

I have seen dancers before at the Pour House, but this crowd of people was REALLY into this sound, a mixture of Cajun, African-American, Mexican and white,

They twisted and gyrated, bounced, and raised their arms, moving to the rhythm.

Kam really liked this response. She liked it a lot!

She was so filled with energy, it was contagious. She worked all over the stage..side to side, front and back.

The trombone playing by Michael Razo had our feet thumping to the pounding beat.

Patrick Kelly dazzled us on the keys.

Kam leaned into the crowd and the response was electric.

This was their first time playing in Charleston.

Hands raised when she asked who had heard them before.  The name of a club in Houston was shouted back.

And the music played on and on.

Added lights created a great light show to add to the visual appeal and excitement.

This group, formed in 2011, has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman.

And on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

As well as on The Daily Show, with Trevor Noah

So, no strangers to the appreciation of the blended mixture of cultures and music from their port city in Texas.

Their first time here in THIS port city was a real treat for us.

I hope they will come back again and again.

Kam sang a tender love song about offering food to someone and the response they were expected to give.

The song involved her making a sandwich.

My buddy nudged me and agreed, he would want a Kam sandwich!

(Click on the photos and link for more details.)

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