Friday, October 07, 2016

Here's the "BEFORE".....

 So, the carport was assembled and anchored in less than an hour.

Long augered rods were bored into the ground.

Attached by sturdy nuts and bolts.

A verbal guarantee and assurances that it will withstand storms and winds...I think. The workmen spoke Spanish.

The comfy deck chairs now are inside - much to the cat's delight - to keep them from in place and not blowing around.

She likes the introduction of "outside" smells.

Life for an indoor cat can get boring, I understand.

The rest of the deck has been changed from vertical to horizontal.

Less of a "full sail" effect as Hurricane Matthew barrels up the coast, driving people off the barrier islands and the Lowcountry.

All three counties - Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester - are below sea level so a storm surge is a realistic danger, underscored and evidenced by beach erosion.

The first-ever I-26 lane reversal seems to have worked very well. Close to 150,000 residents were reported to have been aided by this change.

Cars were bumper to-bumper on Sept. 14, 1999, during the Hurricane Floyd evacuation, while the incoming lanes on Intersate 26 were virtually empty. Motorists complained that the inbound lanes of I-26, should have been open to outbound traffic.During evacuations in 1999 for Hurricane Floyd, distressed drivers looked longingly at the empty and unused lanes heading into town

So this long-rehearsed reversal change was made.

But, you did have to pay attention when the Eastbound lane was converted to Westbound.

If you got on the "left side" on the usual Eastbound lanes, you faced an unusual problem.

That side of the interstate had no working exits (well, DUH!) so when you got on, you stayed there until you reached Columbia, the capital, 105 miles away from the dangerous coast.

So I stayed home to ride it out.

I am 12-miles from the coast in an area that has never flooded. The nearest river is a few miles away so I don't expect to be bothered by the storm surge .

Sure do hope I'm right!

(Click on the photos and link for more details.)

Stay safe!

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At Tue Oct 11, 01:55:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm checking in to see how you're doing. I just said to Mark that I hoped you were okay. (Cathy)


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